Guangzhou Kang Nai Deng Household Products Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Kang Sheng Group, which is a manufacturer that produces and sells world-class household items. The group entered the domestic market in 1995 and specializes in the R&D, production and sales of whole house furniture.

Conraden has established two production bases covering more than 300,000 square meters in Guangzhou and Suzhou。 It is one of the largest home furnishing companies in China and a leader in modern fashion homes。 Conraden is the first manufacturer of finished furniture to receive national high-tech。 Technology certified companies。 With the design concept of health, fashion, comfort and simplicity, Conraden is the original fashion style of a typical European design master。 And research and development to create the 4Q core technology in the sofa field。 At the same time, Conraden is the first to exclusively use bamboo charcoal sponge and soy sponge as fillers in the industry, ensuring the green and environmentally friendly product concept of Conraden products, better Interpretation of the Kang Nai Deng brand's healthy, environmentally friendly, durable, stylish and modern brand concept。 It has won the “Top Ten Sofa Brands in China's Home Furnishing Industry” and “Top Ten Furniture Brands in China's Home Furnishing Industry”, the “American President's Award”, the “China Social Assistance Foundation Love Enterprise Award” and the “China Home Brand Alliance”。 Chairman unit, "China's top ten original design brands", "Great Country Craftsman Award", "Green Environmental Leadership Brand" and other honors。

The company's marketing network spans the globe, with more than 500 stores in China, and its own brands in the global fashion economy such as New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Milan, and Paris. With the sleek simplicity and creativity as the core, Conraden products have become the preferred brand of the public with a focus on overall matching, product design and super cost performance.

Message from President KINETIC

L.Hineic Residenls. Message

We have always believed that world-class design, first-class materials, first-class quality, and cost-effective product prices are the needs of Chinese consumers whose quality of life is constantly improving. For this reason, we have been consistently for more than 20 years. The industry's leading position, continuous innovation, from product to space, from the world to China, thanks to the recognition of Conraden's loyal customers, your every time is definitely the driving force for us to move forward.

Choosing Conraden means choosing health, choosing durability, choosing modern, time will prove that you choose the right one, and there will be Connaughten in the place where you have a home.


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